aleph’s TRANSFER PAPER ECO-HD is an ultra-light coated sublimation paper designed for water-based digital transfer printing. This 45-gramme paper is suited for use with a limited ink load and is ideal for cost- and productivity-driven processes on industrial scale. Using aleph’s TRANSFER PAPER ECO-HD offers several benefits, including the ability to streamline the overall production process, due to the ultra-light grammage and the fast ink-drying process. This results in excellent production performances and superior print quality – with top colour definition and paper stiffness – at reduced costs. aleph's paper features FSC certification which ensures that the company's products and processes comply with global best practices in a range of environmental, safety and quality issues.

Main features


  • Surface: Coated
  • Format: Jumbo, Mini Jumbo, Roll
  • Product type: Dye Sublimation Papers
  • Grammage: 45g/m²
  • Print side: Rough side of paper


Storage instructions:
Keep in a climate-controlled location (23°C, 50% RH), protect from heat and sunlight

Product expiration:
1 year under the above-stated conditions