Surfing the trend of Soft Signage

Did you know that Soft Signage is the next big thing in visual communication? High in quality, easy to handle, transport and store, as well as green, there is no better platform to vehicle your messages and engage target audiences.

Ranging from flags and light-weight outdoor graphics to applications in trade show, POP and retail environments, the use of textiles in visual displays has become an attractive alternative for many traditional applications with rigid substrates. Leveraging aleph’s direct-to-textile and sublimation technologies, print service providers can surf the dynamic growth of soft signage and expand their application ranges to create new revenue opportunities.

aleph’s advanced digital printing technologies also meet the growing demand for sustainable products. Designed and developed to offer operational efficiency and green performances, the company’s solutions enable to significantly reduce both water and energy consumption, as well as to streamline the entire production process.

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