Unwinder LAFORTE Fabric


aleph's LAFORTE UNWINDER FABRIC is designed to facilitate the upload of fabric to digital printers. Featuring extreme flexibility in handling large to small rolls, it enables uninterrupted, tensionless operations, with precise alignment, positions and adjustment of the fabric.


  • Large Roll Unwinder designed for tensionless unwinding regulated by speed compensator and mounted on wheels for a practical use
  • Speed Compensator engineered to enable uninterrupted unwinding of the roll, as well as to avoid variations in the pull of the fabric
  • DOGAL 03 Centring Unit designed to ensure precise alignment of fabric and equipped with edge following proportional photocell FTC5
  • Compensating Cylinder (within the Dogal output) designed to compensate for discontinuous advancement of the fabric., as well as to handle weight adjustment to prevent changes in the tension of the fabric and facilitate constant processing speed