Color matching system for any media and device

Newton™ is a professional program designed for colour profiles and colour measurement in order to ensure that colours can be reproduced perfectly on each device.


 Newton™ permits to create, modify and fine-tune colour profiles for any device in relation to the media type. It is a highly flexible software that operates independently of the number of colours offered by the device used.

The colour profile is created by reading reference colour patches with a spectrophotometer/colorimeter.

The software is able to generate these colour profiles: ICC, RGB, CMYK and MULTICOLOR Aleph.


- Ease of use
- Integrated proprietary colour management system
- Calibrates monitors and printers using the same interface
- Colour management system independent of the number of colours permitted by the device
- High processing speed for profile creation
- Creating colour profiles: ICC, RGB, CMYK, MULTICOLOR Aleph
- Differences between different profiles displayed
- Calculation and display of out of range colours displayed in 2D-3D

Technical Data

Minimum system requirements
- Intel® Core I7® 2.4 GHz Processor
- Microsoft® Windows® 10, XP 32/64 bit operating system
- 8 GB RAM (8GB) - 512 MB hard disk
- Colour monitor with 32 bit (16 million colour)
- Monitor resolution of 1024x768 (minimum recommended)
Printers supported
- All printers supported by the operating system
Spectrophotometers supported
- GretagMacbeth, Eye-One series