Why aleph’s Large Format Digital Print Technology with Graphic Pigment Ink is the Right Choice

aleph’s advanced large format digital printing technology with graphic pigment inks enables top performances in terms of print quality, fastness and durability. The newest MY2021 series features the latest developments of the R&D department, which leverages the company's extensive expertise in digital textile, as well as the constant feedback of the customers utilising aleph's technologies.

Featuring water-based graphic pigment inks, aleph’s sublimation inkjet printing solutions achieve superior print quality, fastness and durability. A unique feature by aleph is the vacuum belt, enabling extreme precision and accuracy in the advancement and alignment of the paper. Unlike large format digital printing technologies currently in use, this cutting-edge technology boasts a green footprint: by using advanced water-based dyes, it allows to achieve photographic print quality and brilliant colours, while at the same time reaching a significant reduction in environmental impact at every stage of the production process.

In fact, the printing process is easy to handle and allows users to streamline the overall production, eliminating the use of water and limiting energy consumption, while enabling a wide range of outdoor and indoor applications.

Anti mist System

Printing technology
Variable drop inkjet from 4pl to 72pl
(2.656 nozzles - 2 colors)

Printing resolution
300 / 600 / 900 / 1200

Ink tank capacity
5/10/20 kg/lt

Media feeding system
Rotary sticky belt system
Advancement accuracy 40 microns

Ethernet 10 GB

DST - aleph® HQ multi-pass printing
Dynamic stitching technology

Core technologies

  • Dual channel: 2 colours per head
  • Excellent speed & precise jetting
  • Print resolution up to 1200 dpi
  • Significantly reduced maintenance cost due to less number of heads
  • Dynamic stitching technology for HQ multi pass printing
  • Feed accuracy below 20 microns during the printing process enabled by aleph’s proprietary system ensuring correct measurement of advancement of the belt

Key features

  • Solid aluminum frame
  • Proprietary HW / SW system for the alignment of the print heads
  • Intelligent ink hydraulic system for managing negative pressure for each individual colour channel
  • Dust-proof suction system
  • Touch panel
  • Removable print carriage to facilitate the change of the ink tank