Boost Your Outdoor & Indoor Communication

    Visual communication is key in empowering brand storytelling and marketing strategies.

    aleph’s large format digital printing technology is designed to offer top performances in terms of print quality, fastness, and durability. Not only is this technology easy to handle, but it also boasts a green footprint: by using advanced water-based dyes, aleph’s cutting-edge technology enables to achieve photographic print quality and vivid colours, while at the same time reducing the environmental impacts at each stage of the production process. As well as eliminating the use of water and cutting energy consumption, these range of solutions help streamline the overall production.

    Whether you are looking to produce outstanding billboards, posters, citylight applications or appealing POP and signage for interior spaces, you can choose the most suitable solution within aleph’s advanced range.

    Discover aleph's Integrated Production Line

    Unwinder LAFORTE® Paper
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    LAFORTE® 400
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    Dryer LAFORTE® Paper
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    Inline Cutting System
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