A RIP software designed for superior digital textile printing

    aleph’s SmartPrint™ RIP software is an advanced solution engineered to address the needs of the digital textile printing industry. The software features extreme flexibility as it not subjected to the range of colours available on the printer and can interface with all the industrial printers and plotters available on the market.

    SmartPrint enables to achieve photographic print quality and detail accuracy, due to the ability to processing variable-size drops. The software can process printing onto different substrates, from textiles to paper.

    Developed with efficiency, ease of use, and sustainability in mind, SmartPrint enables to calculate estimated costs of each printing jobs, as well as to keep records of the printing activities carried out.

    Technical Data

    Minimum system requirements

    • Intel® Core I7® 2.4 GHz Processor or higher
    • Microsoft® Windows® 10, 32/64 bit
    • 16Gb RAM – 512 MB hard disk
    • Monitor resolution of 1024×768 (minimum recommended)

    Supported file formats

    •  aleph® Ifd, Tiff, Psd, Jpg

    Supported printers

    • aleph® LAFORTE™, EFI Reggiani, MS, Epson Robustelli, Konica Minolta, Canon

    Distinctive Features

    • Superior print quality through variable drop size
    • Ease of use
    • Ability to run printing process independently on the number of colours available on the printer
    • Flexibility to process all available file formats
    • Printing cost estimate function and record of processed printing jobs
    • aleph’s Print Queue™ to manage different print jobs on different printers
    • Integrated proprietary colour management system
    • Customised print layout
    • Image editing functions (cut, rotate, step&repeat, scaling, text, etc.)
    • Calculation of ink consumption and cost management
    • Simulation of textile silk-screen printing
    • Creation of customised colour atlases (CIE-Lab, Lch, RG B, HLC , etc.)
    • Management of multiple designs within the same print layout