aleph’s A22-SP graphic pigment inks are designed to enable inkjet printing directly onto melamine papers and plastic films. Subsequently, the printed designs and colours are transferred onto laminated panels or aluminium foils through an industrial process.

This advanced water-based ink features a newly-developed blend of pigments and binders and is developed with the use of cutting-edge nanotechnology. The innovative ink formulation – combined with aleph’s proprietary printed technology and integrated software – allows to achieve excellent performances in terms of speed and productivity, as well as superior print quality, colour vibrancy and detail accuracy.

In line with all aleph’s products, the company’s A22-SP graphic pigment inks features an extremely low VOCS.

Substrate Compatibility

 Graphic Pigment Inks
Melaminic Paper
Graphic film

● – RecommendedUse | ○ – Potential Use

Ink Colour





Light Cyan

Light Magenta

Straightforward Printing Process

Addressing large format digital printing, aleph offers a cutting-edge integrated industrial solution. Central to the process is the printing system, designed to offer roll to roll (R2R) and roll to sheet (R2S) printing. The post treatment and finishing operations are performed within the standard transfer industrial process.

Inkjet printing process

LAFORTE® inkjet technology

Color fixation

With aleph DryerLAFORTE

Adding-Value Features


  • Water-based ink
  • Extremely low ink consumption of approx. 5gr/sqm*
  • No water and solvent consumption due to aleph’s proprietary vacuum belt
  • Reduced energy consumption due to aleph’s efficient drying system
  • Virtuous environmental impact achieved
  • Low ink consumption

Ink consumption may vary depending on the colour profile used, the print resolution and the size of the droplet set.

Extreme Application Flexibility

aleph’s graphic pigment inks enable users to achieve excellent
image quality and definition on several substrates as melamine (MDF), alluminium,etc

Excellent colour rendering

  • Wide colour gamut: 6 colours – CMYK plus two light colours
  • Excellent Colour Vibrancy
  • Excellent Gradations and Nuances
  • Photographic Definition of Details
  • Double Density system for increased colour quality and saturation
  • Colour Fidelity

Top Performances

  • Designed for Kyocera’s 300dpi and 600dpi water-based
    printheads, implemented for aleph’s technology
  • Excellent jetting performances
  • Efficient drying system with very low energy consumption
  • High wet and dry colour fastness for all colours (up to 12 months in outdoor applications)
  • High fastness to light
  • aleph A22™ pigment ink features an advanced binder, designed to ensure the printheads smooth operation. Crucially, this resin activates at high temperatures only, therefore it does not clog the printheads while enabling to achieve excellent jetting operability, as well as increased lifespan of the printheads (over 24 months)

Key information on aleph’s A22-SP graphic pigment inks are:

  • PACKAGING: 20Lit, 10Lit
  • SHIPPING AND STORAGE: Storage & transit temperatures: +5°C to +35°C; Store in a cool, dry area, not directly on the floor and away from direct sunlight.
  • OPERATING CONDITIONS: Temperature: +19°C to +28°C; Relative Humidity: 40% to 80% Non-condensing. To be used in conjunction with Aleph maintenance liquid and cleaning solutions.