Dryer LAFORTE V340

Advanced high-speed fabric drying technology featuring infrared plasma lamps

aleph's dryer LAFORTE V340 Fabric features advanced proprietary rapid drying systems engineered to enable efficient drying of digitally printed fabrics with water-based inks.

Equipped with an infrared plasma lamp unit and featuring a production speed of up to 600sqm/h, this dryer has been designed to address the specific needs of home textiles market segment. Combined with aleph's LAFORTE 200 V340 Fabric printer, it contribute to streamlining the production of wallpapers, curtains, drapery and upholstery, as well as to ensure that superior print quality is achieved.

Featuring internal temperature sensors and an innovative control software, the drying system allow to keep the drying temperature monitored and under control. The use of ultrasonic sensors enables continuous fabric recovery.


Up to 600 sqm/h

Key features

Oil condensate recovery system

Innovative infra red-lamps

Low energy consumption system

Low energy consumption system
aleph intelly oven

PLC with touch screen display

Available print heights:

Drying systems up to 600 sqm/h

Digital sinchronization with
any printing industrial printer

Pneumatic expansion bar

Ac motors with variable speed

Printer models and specs

Dryer LAFORTE V340

UNIT DIMENSIONS: 4500x1700x1200

WEIGHT: 1000 kg


POWER SETTING: 120 kW / 3 phases+neutral / 380–420V ±10% / 16A