aleph’s M22 pigment inks are designed to enable inkjet printing directly onto natural, animal and synthetic fibres and with environmental sustainability in mind, which translates into extremely reduced water and energy consumption

These advanced water-based inks feature a newly-developed blend of pigments and binders and is developed with the use of cutting-edge nanotechnology. The innovative ink formulation – combined with aleph’s proprietary printed technology and integrated software – allows to achieve excellent performances in terms of speed and productivity, as well as superior print quality, colour vibrancy and detail accuracy.

In line with all aleph’s products, the company’s pigment inks comply with REACH®, OEKO-TEX®, GOTS® and requested certifications.


Substrate Compatibility

 Pigment Ink
Nylon Lycra
Cotton/Poly Blends

● – RecommendedUse | ○ – Potential Use

Ink Colour

Black Pigment M22™

Cyan Pigment M22™

Magenta Pigment M22™

Yellow Pigment M22™

Orange Pigment M22™

Green Pigment M22™

Red Pigment M22™

Blue Pigment M22™

Straightforward Printing Process

aleph’s M22 pigment inks enable to facilitate and streamline the digital textile print process. In fact, pre- and post-treatment steps of the fabric are optional and mainly depend upon the final use of the fabric. The drying process can be carried out though IR, NIR or hot air oven; to achieve complete cross-linking of the binder with the pigment, a temperature ranging between 150°C-180°C for about 2 to 4 minutes is required.

Pre treatment of fabric

ECO* Pre treatment

Inkjet printing process

LAFORTE® inkjet technology


The drying process can be carried out though IR, NIR or hot air oven, at a temperature ranging between 150°C-180°C for about 2 to 4 minutes.

Post treatment and finishing

ECO* Post treatment and finishing

Adding-Value Features


  • Extremely low ink consumption
  • Extremely low water consumption
  • Reduced energy consumption
  • Virtuous environmental impact achieved

Extreme Application Flexibility

  • Direct-to-fabric printing onto a wide range of substrates (including natural, artificial, synthetic fabrics, as well as blend fabrics and laminated fabrics)

Excellent colour rendering

  • Flexibility in printing onto multiple fibres
  • Superior light and wash fastness
  • Wet rub test fastness
  • Soft touch of the printed textiles
  • Good outdoor exposure durability
  • Colour vibrancy with high colour density and reduced ink consumption
  • Excellent colour range
  • Innovative chemical formulation
  • Excellent print reliability
  • Eco-sustainable ink and process (100% formaldehyde free)
  • Easy-to-handle production process

Top Performances

  • Featuring Kyocera’s 300dpi and 600dpi water-based printheads, implemented for aleph’s technology
  • Excellent jetting and drying time
  • High wet and dry colour fastness for all colours
  • High fastness to light
  • Excellent soft touch feeling, achieved through an advanced chemical treatment

To further improve colour rendering, print definition and print fastness, auxiliary pre- and post-treatment products by aleph can be used

Key information on aleph’s M22 pigment inks are:

  • PACKAGING: 20Lit, 10Lit
  • SHIPPING AND STORAGE: Storage & transit temperatures: +5°C to +35°C; Store in a cool, dry area, not directly on the floor and away from direct sunlight
  • OPERATING CONDITIONS: Temperature: +19°C to +28°C; Relative humidity: 40% to 80% non-condensing. To be used in conjunction with aleph’s maintenance liquid and cleaning solutions.