Colourways software

SmartColor™ is a program to produce colourways with colour charts.
Software for the Textile Industry.


SmartColor™ is a software that permits rapid creation of colourways and is able to simulate all the effects of the textile and screen printing.
The software can display multiple variants at the same time, and can work with an unlimited number, offering the benefit of memorisation of all information in a single file. Management of the separation of blended colours in the design and assignment of colours with colour charts.
Colour can also be defined with a spectrophotometer, generating new customised colour atlases.


- Ease of use
- Integrated proprietary colour management system
- Unlimited number of colourways per design
- Handles up to 128 channels per design
- Rapid assembly of colour channels for design creation
- Integrated Step & repeat function
- Colourways editing functions such as copy, paste, duplicate, import, etc.
- Simulation of textile printing by application or corrosion
- Creation of customised colour atlases
- Integration with the web for sending JPG variants over the internet
- Compatible with the most commonly used image file formats
- Customised prints with predefined layouts
- Simulation of silk-screen printing of textiles available for a variety of substrates
- Automatic conversion of monitor colours from RGB space to CIELab space independently of the device used

Technical Data

Minimum system requirements
- Intel® Core I7® 2.4 GHz Processor
- Microsoft® Windows® 10, XP 32/64 bit operating system
- 8Gb RAM- 512 MB hard disk
- Colour monitor with 32 bit (16 million colour)
- Monitor resolution of 1024x768 (minimum recommended)
File formats supported
Printers supported
- All printers supported by the operating system
Spectrophotometers supported
- GretagMacbeth, Eye-One series
Touch panel
- Front and back side
- User friendly interface
- Print queue manager
- IoT Maintenance Section
- Remote assistance
Front dryer & take up
- Micro weave ceramic lamp for low energy consumption
- Compact
- Huge reduction on exhaust smokes
- Continuous tension and roll alignment