Oven LAFORTE Fabric

Advanced high-performing dryer

aleph's cutting-edge Oven LAFORTE Fabric is available both in single pass or multi pass versions, addressing different needs in terms of production capacity. In addition, the ability to use different sources for carrying out the heating process - including gas, thermal oil, steam and electricity - offers extreme flexibility in handling the drying process.


  • Single pass dryer available with one or two chambers
  • Stand-alone unit with insulated floor
  • Heating by gas, thermal oil, steam and electricity
  • DUAL FLOW air circulation system
  • PATENTED FPE air flow equalising system
  • Digital synchronization with the printing machine
  • Patented EASY Charge system for quick fabric loading
  • Multiple options for entry and exit ends configuration
  • AC motors drive with variable speed drive
  • PLC with Touch screen display
  • User friendly software with recipe data base