a world of digital
inkjet printing solutions.

Work in progress: the new LaForte 600.
New developments in progress: exceptional production capacity for large volume printing
Aleph launches the new digital solution for medium volume printing.
Aleph develops the digital solutions for high volume printing, excellent speed and outstanding performance.
New developments in progress: UV Industrial printing, high speed and 3.2mt height printers for pigment inks for furniture and interior design markets.
Aleph and the WISE sgr fund join forces to develop digital printing.
LaForte printers receive the Future Textile Awards for Best Product – Industrial Textiles 2017
Numerous installations carried out and still in progress in Italy, Europe and the World.
Aleph launches the STUDIO version
(mid-production) of LaForte Fabric and Paper printers, developed for emerging markets
Aleph officially launches LaForte printers at ITMA2015 in Milan and starts the development of new international markets. (Turkey, Korea, UK, Greece and India)
Aleph launches and realizes the LaForte Fabric and Paper project. The LaForte project is funded through the H2020 program, which guarantees European fundraising for technological research and innovation, enhancing Aleph as European excellence
Aleph began massively selling of Sublimation Plotter Mimaki Jv5, installing more than 200 Plotters in 3 years. From this initiative Aleph decides to focus on the development of an industrial printer for sublimation printing
Aleph manufactures the second product for Mimaki called Mimaki Tx-500b at its headquarters. Currently under production with about 100 units already produced.
Aleph develops a drying system that can easily interconnect with the most well-known digital textile plotters on the market. From 2010 to date, about 200 units have been produced, including 70 for Epson-Robustelli, 30 for Mimaki and 100 for Aleph and for other world producers.
Thanks to the close collaboration with Mimaki, the first product named Mimaki Tx-400b is born. This product will be manufactured and assembled at Aleph’s headquarters, marketed all over the world by Mimaki and it will be produced in 90 units
Aleph collaborates with Mimaki for the development of new textile projects by taking advantage of its Know-How for rotating belt and Mimaki’s technology for printing.
Aleph manufactures its first rotating belt that can integrate with any digital Plotter. From this work, the first Aleph Textile Plotter named Aleph TXb-160 is created, of which about 200 units will be produced in 6 years
Aleph collaborates with Mimaki for the product development of the Mimaki Tx3-1600, reselling in Italy and Turkey about 100 units in 3 years.
Aleph began developing accessories, in particular winders and unwinders for Mimaki Tx2-160 model, producing about 100 units in 3 years and creating specific solutions for the Italian digital textile industry.
Aleph begins the resale of digital Plotter thus becoming a Mimaki distributor for the Textile segment.
Aleph is engaged into the development of applications for the digital textile industry, which will soon become the most widely used software in the Como area, today considered the Digital Valley of the Textile.