Design Collection

The software for designs storage

Design Collection™ is a software application designed for the web, to manage image filing, sharing and display over the internet.



A rapid, intuitive search method allows you to share your image catalogue beyond the boundaries of your company. Images and their attributes (tags and categories) may be saved to the cloud. Alternatively, they can be set up on a local web server or other structure provided by the customer, following technical checks. Catalogue access levels are scalable.

Design Collection™ is a software program developed with web-oriented technology and latest generation HTML5 language.


- Ease of use
- Standard web-based interface compatible with all new generation browsers (requires internet connection)
- Advanced parameter searches and dynamic filters
- Optimal image viewing with different screen resolutions
- User management with passwords and groups (style office, marketing office, warehouse, administration)
- Different printable reports generated for different groups of users
- Specific configuration options for each user
- Customisation of category lists and all basic fields
- Generation of statistics in archive
- Extensible with additional functions on request
- Cloud image filing technology

Technical Data

Minimum system requirements
- Any computer with a rapid internet connection (efficiency with a 3G connection is directly proportionate to the quality of network service)
- Supports all operating systems (Windows, MAC OS, Linux)
- Requires a new generation browser compatible with HTML5
File formats supported
Printers supported
All printers supported by the operating system