SmartColor™ manages colours for unique, surprising designs

Digital printing has successfully served players in the textiles industry for a couple of decades now, and is the best solution for efficient large-scale printing for fashion, visual communications and interior decoration. Design is all about colour, light, gradations in hue and, above all, creativity and expressive capacity. What is the best way to combine technological innovation with the need to express style and customise national and international brands?

The magic formula lies in versatile, easy to use colourways software such as SmartColor™ by Aleph, an Italian company specialising in large format digital printing machines. SmartColor™ is a colourways program for textile design using colour charts for style offices and converters. It can produce variants rapidly on the monitor, with precise, clear simulation of the final colour. The software can display multiple variants at the same time and manage an unlimited number of variants, memorising all the information in a single file.

It is a proprietary integrated image management system, capable of working with images of all sizes and managing colour through editing of variants with functions such as copy, paste, duplicate, import, etc. Colour may be defined with a spectrophotometer, generating new customised colour atlases.

And, to ensure perfect implementation, the software permits minute control over all phases, particularly final design, making digital printing more like traditional printing.

Aleph’s SmartColor™ is a universal program that may be used with any printer with a Microsoft driver and Windows and with all textile products on the market.