Dalle stampanti digitali ad alta tecnologia ai sistemi di asciugatura, dal software proprietario ai materiali di consumo, aleph è in grado di offrire soluzioni di stampa integrate ai propri clienti e diventare un partner per il loro successo.


Digital textile printing has pushed creative boundaries in textile space. From high-end apparel to fast fashion, accessories, sportswear and athleisure, the use of digital printing technology has expanded design and decoration opportunities, while also boosting production capacity and flexibility.

Whether you are looking to set new trends in high-end fashion or to surf new opportunities in the fast fashion and sportswear spaces, aleph can address your needs with its wealth range of cutting-edge, high-quality and high-speed solutions.

In addition, building on the company’s commitment to environmental and social sustainability, aleph’s solutions enable to drastically reduce the environmental impact, ensuring an extremely low consumption of water, energy and other natural resources.

Billboards & Poster

Visual communication is key in empowering brand storytelling and marketing strategies.

aleph’s large format digital printing technology is designed to offer top performances in terms of print quality, fastness, and durability. Not only is this technology easy to handle, but it also boasts a green footprint: by using advanced water-based dyes, aleph’s cutting-edge technology enables to achieve photographic print quality and vivid colours, while at the same time reducing the environmental impacts at each stage of the production process. As well as eliminating the use of water and cutting energy consumption, these range of solutions help streamline the overall production.

Whether you are looking to produce outstanding billboards, posters, citylight applications or appealing POP and signage for interior spaces, you can choose the most suitable solution within aleph’s advanced range.

Soft Signage

Did you know that Soft Signage is the next big thing in visual communication? High in quality, easy to handle, transport and store, as well as green, there is no better platform to vehicle your messages and engage target audiences.

Ranging from flags and light-weight outdoor graphics to applications in trade show, POP and retail environments, the use of textiles in visual displays has become an attractive alternative for many traditional applications with rigid substrates. Leveraging aleph’s direct-to-textile and sublimation technologies, print service providers can surf the dynamic growth of soft signage and expand their application ranges to create new revenue opportunities.

aleph’s advanced digital printing technologies also meet the growing demand for sustainable products. Designed and developed to offer operational efficiency and green performances, the company’s solutions enable to significantly reduce both water and energy consumption, as well as to streamline the entire production process.

Home Décor

The advent of textile digital printing has opened the doors to new, exceptional opportunities for home décor. Besides eradicating design limitations and enabling short runs and product customisation, the digital technology has brought to the table several benefits, including improved workflow efficiencies, cost reduction and green performances.

aleph’s advanced digital printing solutions embrace the change, meeting all the expectations and addressing the requirements for design and product specification, as well as production performances and sustainable issues. Enabling to streamline the overall production process, the company's technologies also achieve significant reduction of water and energy consumption.

Ranging from furniture to curtains, up to bedding, wallpaper, carpets, you can find the solution by aleph – printing systems and pre and post processes – that suits your needs best.