LaForte®Paper and LaForte®Textile

The Aleph Team unveiled its new industrial printers, LaForte®Paper and LaForte®Textile, before the international market at ITMA 2015. These two high performing large format digital printers permit rapid, precise creation of a top quality finished product. The aspects of the machine that most interested visitors and customers at the launch were the technical and mechanical features of the two models, result of masterful fine-tuning by Aleph engineers, and the machines’ typically Italian design and appearance. Printing demonstrations further underlined the value of the two models.

The two LaForte® machines rank at the top of their category, aiming to set the standard on the digital printing market for fabrics and transfer paper with their high productive capacity, allowing them to reach 540m2/h. The greatest benefit is for all producers, in Italy and abroad, who have in the past used digital printing exclusively for small production lots while continuing to use traditional printing as well, at an additional cost. Now, with the LaForte®Paper and LaForte®Textile industrial printers, they will be able to enjoy the benefits and innovation of digital printing throughout their production.

The two printers feature latest generation technologies, making them easy to use, permitting easy handling of heavy jumbo rolls (up to 10,000 m long and 220 cm wide) and inks permitting a resolution of up to 1200 dpi.

In Aleph’s plant in Lurate Caccivio (CO) a special area has been prepared and expanded for production of the two LaForte® printers, permitting greater optimisation of production processes. Painstaking design, attention to detail and severe control of dependability guarantees creation of a printed product of superior quality, in line with customers’ expectations.

Technological know-how in digital printing for the textiles industry and constant updating allow Aleph to respond to the demands of the market with outstanding products. Complete pre- and post-sales service provides customers with a guarantee of dependability and constitutes an effective way of ensuring customer fidelity.