Graphic Pigment BlueBack Inks

Graphic Pigment BlueBack Inks for digital inkjet printing on fabrics of all kinds

Colours: Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black

Printing process




Outdoor poster and signage


Technical Data

Pre-treatment (optional but recommended)
- Application of pre-treatment with padding
- Recommended pick-up in padding machine: 60-70%
- Drying conditions: maximum 90-100 ° C
- Recommended pre-treatment: KEOJET PGT by CPL Chimica
- The machine must be cleaned very thoroughly before applying the pigment preparation
- Do not contaminate the preparation with other preparation residues
Drying after printing
- Recommended drying temperature: 70-100 ° C
- Drying temperature depends on the quantity of ink, the speed of the conveyor belt, the weight of the fabric, ...
- After printing fabric must be dried to prevent the print from being impressed on the back of the fabric when it is rolled up.
Fixing may be performed by:
• Air drying after printing (150-160 ° C; 3-2 min.) if printing speed and dryer size permit
• Stenter (150-160 ° C; 3-2 min.)
• Polymerizer (150-160 ° C; 3-2 min.)
• Calender (150-160 ° C; 2 min.)
• Fixing agent (150 ° -160 ° C; 3-2 min.)
There are no significant differences between these fixing methods.
- Quick, easy, dry printing process
- No post-treatment required
- Vast colour range
- Greater resistance to washing




10 kg


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