Trans80 coated

A paper developed for use in hot transfer with inkjet printers



Basic weight
85 g/m²
Print height
162 cm
Paper thickness
0,100 mm
Core diameter
7,4 cm
Roll diameter
15,7 cm
Roll length
120/140 mt
Rolls per pallet
30 rt


This paper has been developed for use in hot transfer with inkjet printers using water-based inks containing dyes dispersed by sublimation technology. The outstanding quality of the coating on this paper permits high transfer even with large quantities of colour, achieving a high level of definition and drying. It permits significant savings on the amount of ink to be used, with excellent transfer performance


Print side

Rough side of paper


Keep in a climate-controlled location (23°C, 50% RH), protect from heat and sunlight

Product expiration

1 year under the conditions identified above

Tolerances on single roll size

Height: ± 3mm in relation to nominal height
Length: ± 2% in relation to nominal length
Weight: ± 1% in relation to nominal weight
Diameter: ± 5mm in relation to nominal diameter